2012 in Review

At the end of 2011, Mark & I sat down with pints in hand & chit chatted about the past & the future. Unfortunately for him, I see a new year as a new opportunity, so
this meant dreaming a little and setting up some goals. 2011 had been an exciting year because prior to it we were on a bit of a hiatus from doing our own work. Still shooting & editing here & there, but it was participating in a couple Rootstock 3×3 Film Flam Events that reminded us how much we love doing this; creating videos for your entertainment. Which ultimately led to folks hiring us to create videos for them – something we are grateful for.


So here we are, end of 2011, celebrating an unexpected business venture & the fun we had, and I propose the idea of 2012 being about doing more of that- we wanted to create more original content that we enjoyed, as well as attain a few paid that would be invested straight back into gear. Little did we know how stellar that proposition would become.


On top of wrangling extras in the freezing cold, minor shorts where we wore multiple hats & some corporate gigs for private events. Here’s 2012’s highlights:



We started 2012 with a’ whole lotta’¬†Ariana Gillis. Now if you’ve known Mark & I for any length of time, you will know that we are both music lovers. For a while, Ariana had been one of my favourite Canadian artists; She was even kind enough to let us use her music to soundtrack a few videos in the past. So when we had the chance to shoot a few things for her, we jumped on it. Mark my words- Canada will know Ariana Gillis & her tremendous music.¬†Watching her & her dad, Dave Gillis, work together at the exciting time of her 2nd cd’s release was just what the doctor ordered. It also led to one of my personal favourite videos of the year, Dream Street.



Not unlike Ms Gillis, the trio of the Cardinals have a lot going for them – young & gifted musicians with a sincere love & appreciation for the art. Their excitement & drive to hone their skills, as well as entertain will definitely take them places. That and they are genuinely stellar dudes. Upon hearing their song “Julie” we jumped at the chance to shoot their debut music video.



MRP is slowly becoming synonymous with Gillian’s Place, a women’s shelter in our neck of the woods! After our 2011 ad campaign, the ladies at GP wanted to step it up with a very aggressive “MAN ENOUGH” campaign featuring one sharp looking fellow in pink heels. They wanted this guy plastered all over Niagara & even star in a 10 episode web series following this dude’s journey to the Walk a Mile in HER Shoes event. Somehow they were able to convince me to be that guy. In addition to the web series (which featured a fantastic jingle written & recorded by our very own Drew Williams of W Sound) posters haunted me for months & months. Luckily, being seen in ladies shoes was associated with ending domestic violence…



When you invite folks into the studio to interview, often you have no idea what to expect. Yes, true, when interviewing we ask specific questions in hopes of getting quality content regarding certain topics, but sometimes the organic takes you by surprise. One of our final projects of the year was for Vanessa Balenovich, a Niagara based photographer & all around fantastic human being. In addition to a video teaser to help entice people to look at her photography, we shot a testimonial video bringing in some of her past clients to sing her praises. The hope was to encapsulate her character & creativity – what we got was amazing. Her clients simply love her and she them. As MRP grows we hope to maintain the same kind of mentality as Vanessa does, appreciating the business we have and the chances we get to do what we love, while working with some fantastic folks.


All in all, 2012 was a success. And have no doubt, Mark & I have already discussed our hopes, dreams & intentions for 2013.

Friends, thanks for the support & views – we hope we can continue to entertain you!


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