2013 in Review

2013 was a year of creativity, growth & inspiration for us at MRP. For starters, when we initially started offering our services it was just Mark & myself. Hence why our business cards have the ever downplayed & regretful tagline “Just two dudes passionate about creative film” (wordy ain’t it?). Now we’ve welcomed with excitement Drew, Chris & Bill on as members of our company. The reality is the videos we’ve been creating require more than “just two dudes”. Which is a good problem to have when you have such talented folks you can rely on and you love working with.IMG_3778

Before we got started, Mark & I were originally hesitant to get into corporate gigs as a naive worry of losing our artistic drive. We were dead wrong. This year has allowed us to grow artistically in challenging and unique settings through the open-mindedness of our incredible clients. Gig after gig we find ourselves blown away & blessed at the opportunities we’ve been getting to put our passion to work. As 2013 ends, we celebrate all the videos MRP was enlisted to create for an array of businesses, organizations, school boards, realtors, and other Niagara folks. It’s been unbelievable!

We have so many people to thank:

To Mike Enns, reviewing this past year there were a handful of projects that we got to work together. It’s always a pleasure to work with your innovative eye for video and stand up character. Thanks for adding to our videos!

To Michael Colaneri Jr & Aaron Beaudouin, it has been a blast to work with two creative gents who truly have passion & a relentless drive for what they do. You are both dreamers, which enables videos like Walker’s Creek Condos & Smart Townes to offer fresh ways to market condo living. Plus you’re stand up dudes.

To Mark Klassen, Gerda Klassen & Eric Moccio for the opportunity to work on a dream project like the Sky’s the Limit music video. I took a step back during filming to marvel at the talent working together and was blown away with the talent produced by DSBN students, grads & teachers. That project was inspiring & there was no better team to work with. We were also honoured to be “film experts” for the 1st annual FRAMES contest (although I still feel that’s a generous term).

El Gastro the MusicalTo Adam & Tam of El Gastro, we love your openness to a Disney-esque musical to aide your Indigogo Campaign. It was bizarre pitch, but you went along for the crazy ride with us. We love your enthusiasm throughout it all – we’re cheering you on in 2014! A special thanks to all the extras who came out to dance for fish tacos.

To Suzanne Veenstra & Meg Sharp for being such excellent producers during the YWCA’s No Fixed Address commercial. You two could seriously have a job in film with your artistic visions & ability to get it done. You gals rock & we are proud with how the NFA commercial turned out.

To Joanne Doyley, Nicole Regehr & the rest of Gillian’s Place who we once again teamed up with for the Walk for Women commercials. You gals always do incredible work improving this community and we love the relationship we have with you.

To Jared Dyck & Mike Ecker of Vineland Growers, we were honoured to encapsulate the century long celebration of your co-op. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were blown away by the party itself and the integrity & heart of your organization.

To the wonderful Sue Rogers for the chance to go to Alaska- thank you! We’re hoping it won’t be our last trip out there!

To Karl Vanderkuip and his drive to provide 1st class real estate service with the dynamic home tours we’ve been shooting for him. We appreciate being a part of your team.

To Andrew & Emma of Andrew Mark Photography and Joel Hannigan of JFHannigan Photography. We’ve loved your enthusiasm for dynamic & cinematic weddings and the passion you have for your craft & clients. It’s been incredible shooting along side you and are looking forward to 2014’s season!

To Patrick Burke & James Broderick of the B Team. We had a blast shooting with you & are excited to unveil your promo video. Love the innovation that you are bringing to your business!

To Greg McCandless & John Savio – thanks for involving us in your entrepreneurial endeavours. It was awesome to see how you take chances and invest on new products so creatively. Cheers to the Dish Wizard!

To Chris Paco, Jim Vaylin, Steve Passmore & David Jacombs Jr – we were honoured to be a part of your film sets this year. Whether it’s acting, cinematography or producing- we were stoked to be a part of it. We respect your dreams and love working with you guys. I hope 2014 offers you tons of success in the arts!

Lastly, to the community of people who’ve watched & shared our videos, who’ve supported us over the years and encouraged us to pursue our dreams. It all sounds cheesy & cliche, but the support of family & friends encourages us immensely as MRP establishes itself as a video leader in Niagara. We are excited for the future & we thank you for the love.

Creatively yours,

Nick & the MRP crew

MRP 2013