MRP is… 

a creatively driven video production company based out of Niagara, who strive to offer professional quality videos unique to the client.


Nick Mirka & Mark Rauwerda met at film school in Toronto where their team started with idealistic pursuits of short films & music videos. Film is a team effort and the two established early on to work within their strengths – Nick leading creative and Mark leading technical. This still remains over a decade later.

Their first film was a short film entitled Poopies, Priests & Proposals. A quirky story about how “love is the shit”. They shot at Nick’s apartment in a 16 hour window. It evoked great disgust to viewers, much to MRP’s delight.

It was their second short film, Soaked, that really laid the foundations for who Mitchell Reilly Pictures became. After all Soaked was a romance between the characters, Mitch & Riley. This was where Chris Treschak became involved – at first working as casting director and then landing the lead role.  The trio pursued other projects, but eventually took a hiatus.

In 2011, MRP reunited with Gillian’s Place Are You Man Enough web series – a quirky, fun campaign that featured men in high heel shoes doing manly or orginary things to raise awareness against domestic violence. Mark & Nick had no idea this would start an accidental entrepreneurship.

The boys got involved in local video producing, as well as weddings. This is where Mark met Bill Reilly and where Nick rekindled his old friendship. Bill & Nick had previously worked together on independent film sets such as Streets of Wonderland and the Weight.

Over the years MRP developed a reputation of being hard working, down to earth dudes who take their work far more serious than they take themselves. We’ve had opportunities to work with some of the greatest client in Ontario who we continue to service video for year after year. These relationships are important to us and the life line of our business.

Now in 2016, MRP has established itself at 3 Lowell in St. Catharines, Ontario. The team thrives in commercial video production, cinematic event coverage and, as a rekindled initiative, investing in the passion to simply create their own passion projects – namely the short film, Cafe Amore, and the web series, the Crew.

Mitchell Reilly Pictures evolves year after year becoming more creative and somehow able to create for awesome people. We are honoured, humbled & thrilled to create videos for a living.


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