Making an Impact

We pursued making videos to tell stories that make an impact. Admittedly, the stories we originally intended to tell were going to be our own, ideally through short films (Although some would question whether Poopies, Priests & Proposals makes an impact on anything other than the viewer’s stomach). Regardless, we found ourselves naturally inclined to telling stories through a unique & often quirky lens. In all honesty we were unaware of this natural inclination until recently. Over the past few months we’ve had talks with quite a few folks who shed light on the fact that we’ve built a reputation in our field as being a little off the beaten path. A nice way of saying we like to be goofy.

Even back in 2011. This is where Gillian’s Place initially hooked us – they thought we would be suitable to produce videos of grown men in hot pink high heels doing various manly activities. As peculiar as it may seem, it’s an opportunity we’ve been grateful for; We were able to bridge that line of telling stories, while remaining our ludicrous selves and while helping to make an impact in our community.

It’s since gone far beyond shooting short videos of men parading in women’s shoes, as now we find ourselves immersed in the fight against domestic violence, working alongside Gillian’s Place. To make it clear, prior to this working opportunity, none of us at MRP were overly influenced by domestic violence. Our homes were largely peaceful & loving. It’s only been through making these videos & working with the lovely people at Gillian’s place that we’ve been able to educate ourselves on how prominent hidden domestic violence is & how vital organizations like GP are to our community here in Niagara to create awareness and to provide support & care.

Last month we shot two videos (see below) for their first Walk for Women event taking place May 11th, 2013. As of this minute they are sitting at $24,321.51 of their $25,000 goal! For this being a first time event, that is incredible! Despite these videos being less quirky than what we originally produce. Once again, we are honoured to work with Gillian’s Place to create awareness & fund a very quintessential part of our community. We hope this helps.

Please check ’em out and, if possible, help support the Walk for Women in exceeding their goal of $25,000!




[vimeo 63626537 w=600&h=338]

[vimeo 63626538 w=600&h=338]


For more information on the event or Gillian’s Place check them out here:

If you noticed the lovely venue, these videos were shot at the fantastic & cinematic Garden City Ballroom in St. Catharines:

Original music, written & produced (as always) by W Sound:

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