El Gastro

El Gastronomo Vegabundo
  • Description

    El Gastro is a local food truck based out of St. Catharines. A fantastic truck dedicated to quality food & excellent service. They even won the coveted Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. Plus their fish tacos are to die for! So when they asked us if we had any creative ideas to promote their campaign to raise $10,000 for a newer, quieter, more eco-friendly generator, we came up with this video. It's a dream project for us here at Suburban Basement - it fuses Drew & Nick's song writing abilities with our quirky humour. Plus it's always been a dream of Nick's to do a Disney-esque musical. We got to sing, dance & add a bit of dialog. But most importantly it tugged our heart strings in regards to delectable food.