Tales From The Ale Trail

Bell Media
  • Description

    Tales From The Ale Trail is a high-energy, hilarious, hop-filled web-series adventure that focuses on the experience of the mouthwatering craft beer world in Niagara. It’s travel television meets comedic sitcom. Think Diners, Drive-ins & Dives meets the Office. Originally slated as “The Beer Snobs”, but the more appropriately retitled Tales From The Ale Trail showcases the adventures & destinations Niagara has to offer within it’s 10-12 minute webisodes to be showcased on Bell Fibe TV1 and their growing audience of 1.5 million Canadians from Ontario to Newfoundland! Available now to Bell Fibe TV subscribers. Our beer snobs or “The Boys” are three best friends, Chris, Drew & Nick, who love phenomenal beer, interesting people & unique experiences. They will visit breweries from Niagara and highlight the unique attributes of the brewery, beers & the people behind it.