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Gillian's Place
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    The Man Enough ´╗┐web series was created for Gillian's Place, a Niagara based women's shelter, for their Walk a Mile in HER Shoes Event in 2012. They wanted a fun, yet informative, way to educate walkers & non-walkers a like on what it's like to walk a mile in her shoes. The result was enlisting our very own, Nick Mirka, to become to poster child of the event. Thousands of posters, flyers & buttons went up around Niagara went up with his image in pink heels. At MRP, we were proud to help Gillian's Place with their highest raised event ever. We like to think this web series help Gillian's Place acquire more walkers & walkers to acquire more donations. In fact, MRP & W Sound raised $3475 & walked the walk! Big thanks to Bill Reilly for all his on set help, Jim Vaylin for gracing us with his brilliant acting chops and everyone who came out for our epic mountain climb! And lastly, Drew WIlliams from W Sound, for all the audio work including the amazingly kick'n & catchy "Man Enough" jingle. If ever you need music or a unique jingle, Drew Williams is your man!