Creative Director


A lot of Mitchell Reilly Pictures reputation for authentic, unique and occasionally comical videos stem from Nick’s creative mind. He is the idea guy. A graduate from Toronto Film School specializing in Digital Film & Television Production and recipient of Niagara’s 40 Under 40 Award in 2015 for his contribution to the business community, Nick’s skills lie in creative writing/conceptualization and direction. He strives to tell an effective & entertaining story while keeping the creative process enjoyable, fun & professional

Nick habituates with his better half, Kristin, and their mind-glowingly amazing offspring.




If Nick is the spark to an idea, Mark is the fuel that allows creativity to thrive. He keeps the project greased & oversees production management. Also a graduate from the Toronto Film School, Mark is highly skilled in the technical aspects that ensures a high quality video – specifically cinematography and video editing. His attention to detail in lighting & camera is noticed in all of MRP’s work and his storytelling through video editing is unmatched.


Now resides in Niagara alongside his red-headed wife, Ellery. They live in newly wedded bliss.




Bill Reilly - MRP Producer

Bill makes things happen. As soon as a project is greenlit and the details are drawn out Bill works to find & secure locations, talent, props & the paperwork that go along with it. On set, Bill takes care of talent & location release forms to ensure everything is legal. As well, as assists Mark in the camera department. Bill has a diploma in Broadcasting Television & Video Production from Canadore College, and a Photography diploma from The Photography Institute.


He currently lives in Smithville with his wife, Leanne, and sons Joshua & Jacob.





Chris is a marketing & business specialist with a background in acting & producing. He also acts as a second cinematographer for larger event videos.



A vital & often overlooked aspect of video production is sound. People can forgive YouTube quality video, but they will not tolerate bad audio. At MRP we are proud to have formed strong partnerships with Drew Williams, from W Sound Inc, and Jeremy Bundy from Pure Mind Studios. Both men operate top notch sound design companies in Niagara and are a part of all of our projects. On set both Jeremy & Drew are excellent sound recordists, with experience in television industry, specifically on Degrassi: the Next Generation, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl and commercial work. During post production they will ensure the audio is crisp, clean and add sound effects & foley design to enhance whatever mood.