This was a special project. Nick was enlisted by the talented cinematographer, Mark Klassen, from Revere Films to produce a music video for the DSBN for education week, but it involved so much more. “Sky’s the Limit” was written & performed by DSBN alum Michael Wainwright; A fantastic & uplifting anthem for the kids.The music video begged for current students to showcase their talents & skills, including vocals. Auditions partook to find a suitable replacements for Michael’s powerful & rocky pipes – and in walked grade 11 Laura Secord Student, Billy Sadler. Not only was his voice fantastic, but he embodied the character the DSBN was working to encourage.

Billy, along with a select group of DSBN’s top vocalists entered W Sound Inc to have the student’s authenticity adding to the track. The same students are seen in the music video.

After months of auditions, rerecording & shooting we are proud to present “Sky’s the Limit”.


District School Board of Niagara


Directed by Nick Mirka
Director of Photography: Mark Klassen
1st Assistant Director: Drew Williams
Executive Producer: Mark Klassen
Producers: Nick Mirka + Gerda Klassen
Camera Operators: Mark Klassen & Mike Enns
Key Gaffer: Kevin Vanden Bogert
Key Grip: Mike Enns
Editors: Mark Klassen, Dave Tebbutt & Nick Mirka
Colour: Mark Klassen
Playback: Drew Williams of W Sound
Behind The Scenes: Kevin Unger
"Sky's the Limit" written by Michael Wainwright


District School Board of Niagara students
Song performed and written by Michael Wainwright