What does a $25,000 video look like? This bad boy right here! We produced this video that won the Co-operators’ National Co-op Challenge and allowed the Garden City Food Co-op to take home $25,000. Garden City Food Co-op is a new initiative in St Catharines, a local grocery store where its members have a say in what goes on its shelves, including more locally grown produce.


Garden City Food Co-Op


Directed by Nick Mirka
Cinematography by Mark Rauwerda
Produced by Bill Reilly
Sound & original music by Jeremy Bundy of Pure Mind Studios


Brian York.
Tamara Jensen.
Debbie Sexsmith.
Christine Cucciniello.
Nick Mirka.
Karrie Porter.
Graham Cubbitt.
Kate Baggott.
Suzanne Veenstra.