Tarion Warranty Corporation was created in 1976 to serve as the regulator of new home builders and administer the new home warranty plan to protect new home buyers in Ontario.




Written & Directed by Nick Mirka
Cinematography by Mark Rauwerda
Produced by Bill Reilly & Nick Mirka
Camera Operation by Mark Rauwerda & Bill Reilly
Assistant Direction by Chris Paco
Sound Recording by Jeremy Bundy of Pure Mind Studios (www.puremindstudios.com)
Edited by Nick Mirka
Graphics by Mark Rauwerda
Sound Design by Drew Williams of W Sound Inc (www.wsound.ca)


Tamera Broczkowski as the Dudette
Abbas Pajooman as the Dude
Chris Paco as the Builder with his own company
Bob Douglas as the Possible Neighbour
Louisa O'Keane as Builder with Carpet Samples
Nick Mirka as the Builder with
Bill Reilly as the Builder with the tape measure
Daniel Caprara as the Builder with the contract
Drew Williams of W Sound Inc (www.wsound.ca) as the Narrator